Advantages and characteristics of “Digital Spirometer” Spiro – Spectrum (PFT)
- Schiller SP – 1 Portable Spirometer and Spirowin(C) 99-07 GENESIS digital machines are used perform the PFT test.
- High accuracy of lung volumes and air flow rates measurement.
- Following testes can executed by digital spirometer.
o Quiet breathing / Vital Capacity
o Forced expiration
o Maximum Pulmonary Ventilation Capability
- Demountable Construction of flow converter.
- Automatic report generation with indication of disorder type and level of its intensity
- The test report should generated on “ Flow Volume Curve” pattern which is worldwide accepted and recommended by W.H.O. and Medical Association of Chest Physicians


Advantages and Characteristics of “ Digital Electrocardiogram” (ECG) - Digital ECG machines are small and portable with new models GE/ MAC 1200 ST Which is very easy to transport on the site. And again it is highest standard consider nowadays as far as electrocardiography science is concerned.
- Digital ECG uses a Digital signal to produce result and allows the resulting graph to be plotted digitally on LED screen.
- Digital graphs are easy to read and interpreted than the old paper generated ECG graph.
- Information can be monitored and analyze by computer very fast and accurate.
- Digital ECG can be easily stored for longer duration and useful to re –evaluate progress of person time to time.


Advantages and characteristics of “Digital Audiometer”
- We are using Classic –I Model T – 25D serial no. 12120173 digital computer machine to perform audiometory at site.
- Employs high quality PCMCIA sound cards with 24 bit resolution.
- The test is carried out by portable – micro –controlled –circulatory designed digital audiometer at 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000 KHz frequency for both the ears.
- Allows for all standard audiometric tests
- Stores all audio signals in digital format and allows electronic exchange of patient audiograms between audiologists or medical professionals
- Offers high precision and consistency of measurements
- Digital Audiogram can be stored for longer duration and helpful to re-evaluate the progress of a person having hearing problem time to time.


- Advantages and characteristics of “Digital Radiology X- Ray”
- Digital Radiology (DR) Technology Model No. Meditronics Diagnox 300 & 100 portable and mobile unit that providers high resolution X- ray images at a radiation dose.
- This allows the radiologist to view a clean, very high resolution image without concern of information being lost in the acquisition process.
- This type of digital image is very easy to send to higher center by teleradiology for expert opinion without sending object to another center.
- Digital images are easy to store for longer duration without any alteration of image quality and results. Even now a days we do paper printing and even only CD writing to conserve films.
- Digital radiology X-Ray can be performed at any site and places because there is no need of Dark room to develop film of X-Ray as in old technique.
- Most Valuable advantage id that we can perform x –ray procedure within seconds of time with high resolution and contrast to cover many employs within time limits.

Laboratory Investigation

Advantages and characteristics of “Digital Pathology Laboratory”
- Automated biochemistry analyzer: We are having biochemistry analyzer model Transsasia Chem-5 PlusV2. It is one of the most accurate analyzer in the market and performs 12 tests. All the routine biochemistry test. i.e. Diabetes profile , Cholesterol , RFT ( Creatinine and urea) , LFT ( SGOT, SGPT, Billirubin) RBS.
- Digital Cell Counter : Modl No. poch-100i to perform all kinds of blood investigation like Hb gm%, TC,DC, Platelet Count, RBCs Blood Indices.
- Digital data analysis can be stored for evaluation of persons time to time and data transmission by email or other digital way for expert opinion.